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RELEASE BLITZ for Unimaginable Kindness by Samantha Harris

Title: Unimaginable Kindness
Author: Samatha Harris
Release Date: 12/11/2018
Genre: YA, Romance
Waking up was never part of the plan. Turns out, I am as much a failure in death as I am at life. Now I’m trapped in a hell of my own making, being haunted by some jerk who thinks he can save me with some kind of emotional bucket list. 

Make a friend
Make someone’s day
Laugh until you can’t breathe
Do something unexpected
Change your mind
Find forgiveness
Do the hard thing

My name is Elena Carter, and I have three days. Just three days to decide if I am worth saving, to decide if one act of unimaginable kindness is enough to change someone’s life.

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Samatha “Sam” Harris lives near Baltimore, Maryland with her husband David and daughter Ava. Born in Florida, she migrated north which most people agree was a little backwards. She has been an artist all of her life, a Tattoo Artist for more than ten years, and a storyteller since she was a kid.
Sam has a slightly unhealthy love for Frank Sinatra, classic movies, and Jazz and Blues music, but her first love will always be reading. From Romance, to Thrillers, to Historical Fiction and everything in between, she loves to become a part of the story. As a writer she tells the stories that she would want toread.






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GUEST BLOG POST from Gary Grossman author of Executive Force



PRINT, AUDIBLE, eBook from Diversion Books

I write political thrillers.  I call them “political reality thrillers” because I when start thinking the unthinkable, I connect with the unknowable, the often unfathomable, and yet what’s likely just on the edge of tomorrow.

“EXECUTIVE FORCE” is my fourth thriller in the series which began with “Executive Actions” and continued though “Executive Treason” and “EXECUTIVE COMMAND.” The novels jump out of the headlines and also draw heavily on lessons from history we have yet to fully learn.  They raise questions and pose answers.  They’re menacing and eye-opening – from Russian sleeper cell spies still operating in the U.S., to the power of hate radio as a weapon of mass deception, to terrorists targeting our most valuable and vulnerable natural resource – water, to the flaws and fragility of our presidential succession process.

And now in “EXECUTIVE FORCE,” American separatist groups are unwittingly manipulated by a foreign power to create instability throughout the electorate.  If we think it can’t happen here, start thinking the unthinkable with me.

My writing deals with critical realities, filled with nail-biting tension, occurring at breakneck speed.  That’s the pace of global change today which unfolds daily on the global political landscape and leads every hour of the 24/7 news cycle.   Fast and furious.  Mind numbing.   Impossible to ignore.  Impossible to completely comprehend.

Writing about dangers facing our already polarized political system can potentially provide a blueprint for rogue nations and bad actors around the world; deadly imitators with true terror in their minds.    So I have consider how deep to go with my research.  How far is too far?  How much detail is too much? 

Conversely, thinking the unthinkable helps the good guys, too.  Novelists and screenwriters’ imaginative plots have opened the eyes of political and military leaders, defense contractors, and even the intelligence community.  Why?  How?  Because as we research and write we hit upon scenarios so fearful that they must be considered.  It’s happening more than ever since 9/11.  Genre novelists and screenwriters have been invited to Washington to expand government thinking on threats, participate in Red Team units to test America’s vulnerabilities at shopping centers, airports, and other public spaces, and even get put thought leaders into the mindset of our enemies.  All to think the unthinkable. 

But do they get it?

I have a writer friend who breaks down the question this way.   “Some people get The New York Times, but don’t read it.  Others read the New York Times, but they don’t get it.”  Just because Washington reads or hears the threats that are only a moment in time away from possibly occurring, we have to hope they get it. 

I work with advisors and experts on Capitol Hill, the military, the intelligence community, law and law enforcement.  I listen to them, then write.  The U.S. Navy’s help in the climactic scenes of “EXECUTIVE FORCE” gave me a foundation of what lies ahead.  But my contacts could only go so far.  I had tripped over elements that were “sensitive,” technology that couldn’t be fully confirmed.  Once again, thinking the unthinkable was leading me to the so far unknowable, and quite conceivably a dangerous act of war.

What thriller writers research and imagine can come true.  But writing a terrorist playbook is not our job and we have to be careful not to create “how-to handbooks.”   However, as a novelist, observer, journalist and TV documentarian, I want to raise awareness to what, as Tom Clancy noted, are Clear and Present Dangers – actual threats we face. 

Writing political reality thrillers keeps me informed, aware, and worried.  I hope “EXECUTIVE FORCE” delivers on all cylinders and sweeps readers along.  But within the fictionalized plot are warnings that are worth heeding.

By Gary Grossman

Diversion Books; August 21, 2018
$16.00; 428 pages
ISBN: 978-1-63576-442-0

How does an international political thriller open? With a sniper putting a bolt-action rifle on a politician’s forehead in a sleepy New England town and squeezing the trigger? With an operative breaking into LAX, making his way across the runway, posing as a TSA officer, getting into a plane and successfully putting a bag in the overhead compartment? With an autopsy on a U.S. Senator revealing ricin poisoning? Or maybe a spy inserting a malware-laden thumb drive into the computer of a ballistic missile submarine? Check off all those boxes for the ingeniously plotted and chillingly mesmerizing thriller EXECUTIVE FORCE (Diversion Books), the fourth stand-alone volume in The Executive Series by Gary Grossman. Instability and fear seize the nation. Local and national political figures are systematically assassinated. A growing secessionist movement stirs up anti-government fervor. The combination creates nationwide unrest and lack of confidence in leadership.

With the clock ticking toward a monumental constitutional crisis, President Morgan Taylor assigns Secret Service Agent Scott Roarke to investigate the assassins. Meanwhile, Roarke’s fiancĂ©e, an assistant to the U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice, is tasked with researching the separatists. Attorney Katie Kessler goes rogue to gather evidence for the court. Roarke hunts a lone assassin across two continents. Their paths lead them both to a decades-old plot hatched at a private school in Switzerland, now leading to North Korea.

With the assassin ready to make his greatest kill and critical destabilizing votes occurring state by state, the president must decide whether to activate America’s own secretive, long-incubating active measures against an enemy that can’t be exposed, but must be stopped.

Timely and revealing, with an inside-out view of real and present dangers, EXECUTIVE FORCE brings a political reality to the page that feels like breaking news.

GARY GROSSMAN is a multiple Emmy Award-winning television producer and author of the bestselling international political thrillers Executive Actions, Executive Treason, Executive Command, Executive Force, and Old Earth. He has also written two highly regarded non-fiction books on TV history. Grossman has been published by Dell/Delacorte, Byron Preiss Publishing, Diversion Books, Harlequin, Arlington House, and CBS/Popular Library. He has produced for NBC News, served as a columnist for the Boston Herald American, written for the Boston Globe and the New York Times. Grossman is Contributing Editor to Media Ethics Magazine and has produced more than 10,000 television programs for 40 networks. He’s a member of ITW, the International Thriller Writers Association and the Military Writers Society of America.


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RELEASE DAY BLITZ for Memories of Us by Kennedy L. Mitchell

We are so excited to be sharing the release of MEMORIES OF US by Kennedy L. Mitchell. MEMORIES OF US is a brand new standalone second chance romance - be sure to grab your copy today!



MEMORIES OF US is a standalone, second chance contemporary romance filled with twists and turns as a forgotten past is remembered.
BRENTON I’m a desperate man. The memories I’ve lost now threaten my future. After years spent escaping my family’s high society drama, I’m back in town to fix my past. Only one person can help: The gorgeous and headstrong Rebeka Harding who hates me for something I can't remember. I’ll do anything including striking a unique deal with the one woman I want but can’t touch. She agrees with one condition – just friends, no benefits. We’ll see how long that lasts.
REBEKA For thirteen years, I’ve resented Brenton Graves for deserting me. I’ve tried to move on, refusing to think about what might have been. Now he’s back in town, seeking redemption and looking as sexy as ever. When he asks for my help, I know better than to accept. But I will. Because no matter how much I want to hate Brenton, I don’t. Five days to help him remember and for me to finally get closure. It's what I need, but his touch is what I crave.

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Kennedy lives in Dallas with her husband, son, and 80lb Goldendoodle who still believes he’s a lap dog. A bookworm at heart, Kennedy loves to snuggle up in bed or by the campfire with an unputdownable book. She began writing two years ago with Falling for the Chance and has no plans of stopping. Her novels are witty, action-packed, and offer enough steam for a great facial. If you like strong heroines and sexy, tattooed men who can’t keep their hands off them, then this author is the one for you.

REVIEW of Shattered Mirror (Eve Duncan #23) by Iris Johansen

Hardcover, 339 pages
Published April 24th 2018 by St. Martin's Press

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author comes a new explosive thriller featuring forensic sculptor Eve Duncan.

Iris Johansen returns with a thrilling novel of action and danger where fan favorite Eve Duncan is thrown once more into a deadly game of intrigue. It begins when Eve receives a package containing a skull—and instructions for Eve to do her work reconstructing it. When she does, a beautiful woman’s face emerges. But when Eve is introduced to the dead woman’s mirror image, a game is on where her twin’s life hangs in the balance.

My Thoughts…

Shattered Mirror is part of the Eve Duncan series, which is an all-time favorite of mine, by Iris Johansen.   Sometimes when a series gets to book #23 (or another higher number) the story becomes predictable, boring, or repetitive.    Yet, Iris Johansen writes each Eve Duncan book as its own story.    Each story has a unique mystery, new interesting characters, and a different setting.    While all of that is new and exciting, there are the old favorite characters, relationships, and familiar settings that have always made this series a must-read.     

Shattered Mirror focus’ on Cara.   Her family, her history, her present, and her future are all shared to allow the reader to get to know her better.   Of course, Eve, Joe, and their son Michael are all featured characters since they are now the family that Cara never had growing up.    Jock, I picture him as a rough around the edges sexy alpha male who always seems to be around,  is a huge part of the story since the connection between Cara and Jock has always been part of any story that Cara is part of.   I will always be an Eve Duncan fan but it is fun to get the chance to know the secondary characters from her other books. 

Read this series, start it in any order, but read it.   Iris Johansen has a great talent for suspense, thrills, twists, and turns.   

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AUDIOBOOK REVIEW of Embraced at Seaside By: Addison Cole

Narrated by: Maxine MitchellJoe Arden
Length: 7 hrs and 9 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release date: 07-27-18
Language: English
Publisher: Melissa Foster

Publisher's Summary
Sweet with Heat: Seaside Summers features a group of fun, flirty, and emotional friends who gather each summer at their Cape Cod cottages. They're sassy, flawed, and so easy to relate to, you'll be begging to enter their circle of friends!
Embraced at Seaside by Addison Cole is the sweet edition of New York Times best-selling author Melissa Foster's steamy romance novel Seaside Embrace. The story conveys all of the passion you expect between two people in love, without any explicit scenes or harsh language.
PLEASE NOTE: This is true "sweet with heat", and Jana and Hunter's story begins with a large dose of steam. It is the steamiest in the series and remains true to the characters' personalities.
After working hard all day creating his beautiful metal sculptures, Hunter Lacroux likes to unwind with a hot babe - or two. But after spending a handful of nights with smart, sassy, and beautiful Jana Garner, the woman who challenges everything he does and says, Hunter wants more.
As a dancer, boxer, actress, and waitress, Jana is tough, organized, and as dedicated as she is committed. She has to be to maintain her crazy schedule. But when it comes to men, Jana's had a string of bad relationships, and there's only one thing she'll commit to - not committing.
Passion ignites every time Jana and Hunter are together, but the closer Hunter gets, the faster Jana runs. When Hunter lays on the charm, Jana throws out a challenge she's sure he can't meet, and Hunter steps up to the plate, forcing her to face her hurtful past or let go of him forever.
Sweet with Heat: Seaside Summer Series:
  • Read, Write, Love at Seaside
  • Dreaming at Seaside
  • Hearts at Seaside
  • Sunsets at Seaside
  • Secrets at Seaside
  • Nights at Seaside
  • Seized by Love at Seaside
  • Embraced at Seaside
  • Lovers at Seaside
  • Whispers at Seaside

My Thoughts…

I am an audiobook junkie.   I listen when I work out, when I drive, when I cook, and well…pretty much anytime I can.     I’ve always listened to books with only one narrator but Embraced at Seaside is told by two wonderful narrators.    It threw me for a loop at the beginning but I quickly embraced the changes in voices and realized that it brought so much to the story.    I love that Maxine Mitchell read Jana’s story while Joe Arden told Hunter’s story.    They mixed together perfectly, bringing the love, romance, and friendships of Seaside to life.   

Let me introduce you to Hunter Lacroux. He is a player who doesn’t want a relationship. Until he hooks up with Jana one too many times and feelings start to change. Then Jana gives him a challenge that he can’t walk away from. I LOVE the romance. I LOVE the sunrises, sunsets, dinners, and everything else that comes with romance. Addison Cole is so talented in writing these romantic, sweet, and little steamy scenes.

Addison Cole is also amazing with her friendships. The Seaside Girls are amazing. They are the best of friends, more like sisters. When push comes to shove these girls will talk about your love life, help you solve the worlds (or Seaside’s) problems, and lift you up when things are tough. These are the type of friends that everyone wants and once you find them you never let go.

I am a fan of the Sweet with Heat series. With each book I get introduced to a new story, I get to catch up with my favorites from other books in this series, and I get to fall for a new book crush. This is a series that I look forward to more from, I get excited when I hear a new book is coming soon, and I devour each book as soon as I get my hands on it.

Pick up your copy. NOW. Meet these amazing Seaside characters and fall in love with these characters. 

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COVER REVEAL of Blow Me Away by Christina Hovland

Today Christina Hovland is here to share her cover reveal, BLOW ME AWAY! Check it out and be sure to preorder your copy today!

Title: Blow Me Away

Author: Christina Hovland

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: February 22nd

About Blow Me Away:

It’s all fun and games until somebody falls in love… Jase Dvornakov has always loved women, 80’s hair band music, and things that go boom. He used to disarm bombs in the Navy, but he’s back in Denver after a mission overseas went sideways and destroyed his future, including his marriage. Now he arranges flowers in his family’s floral business because flowers don’t explode. Cookie-baker extraordinaire, Heather Reese, has had one too many rounds of heartache, so she’s sworn off men and prefers to spend her evenings binge-watching game shows. Plus her no-men rule gives her time to focus on her dream come true—Heather’s Cookie Co.—her very own bake shop with an underground following for naughty shaped treats. She refuses to be interested in the hot-shot florist across the street. He is trouble with a capital T. Sexy trouble, but still, a hook-up with Jase is a hard nope. Desperate to avoid his family’s incessant matchmaking, a fake breakup with the beautiful Heather is just what the florist ordered. If his family believes Heather decimated his heart, they’ll leave him alone. Heather isn’t so keen on the idea, but Jase is determined to make it worth her while. When a pretend breakup becomes the real romance neither was expecting, together they’ll have to decide if it’s finally time to light the fuse on love…

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Exclusive Excerpt:

“You catching that?” Jase asked, his focus returning to the poster and the tape. “Catching what?” Heather replied. Poster in hand, he moved to the front window and pressed it against the glass, smoothing it before turning back to her. “Catching the little buzz we have going on between us.” “A little… the thing is…” C’mon Heather, be strong. You are the cookie lady now. You don’t date. You are all you need. That’s what the podcast she’d been listening to said to her over and over again. Mantra in hand, she slapped on her I’m-in-charge-here-buddy mask. “It would never work between us.” The edges of his lips ticked up ever so slightly. “You can’t know that.” Oh, she knew. He sauntered toward her. Unwilling to back down, she stepped toward him. Expression firm, she said, “I can already see exactly how this whole thing would play out if we let it. You’d start with a horrible pick up line.” “Guilty.” His hands fell to the belt loops of his jeans. Her palm itched to press against the front of his tee, but she refrained. “Then I’d counter with a witty response. This time my reply would be even better. Funny, intelligent…everything.” “Now, that I’d like to hear.” Nothing but a foot of crackling air sizzled between them. “Trust me, if I had said it, it would have been epic. You can’t repeat something like that. It has to happen in the moment.” She shook her head, the sleek ponytail she’d carefully arranged earlier brushing against the collar of her jacket. “That right there is why we wouldn’t have worked out. I mean you couldn’t even come up with a snappier reply.” He crossed his arms, the little veins of his muscled forearms flexing with the motion. “Oh, I would’ve. It would’ve been the best response in the history of pick-up line replies.” “I don’t believe you.” The glimmer in his eyes lit up his entire face. He was clearly enjoying this exchange entirely too much. Control. She needed the power back. “Trust would’ve always been one of your issues in our relationship.” “Maybe you just couldn’t be honest with me about how you felt. That’s probably why we would have always argued.” He raised his eyebrows in a clear ultimatum. Challenge accepted. She stepped the tiniest bit closer to him. “Let’s say you threw out that awful line again. The one about taking me out.” “I’m with you so far.” He glanced down to the floor in clear acknowledgment of her movement forward, but he held his ground. “We’d banter for a good bit—” His face sparked with humor. “Sounds about right.” “Both of us would get that tingly feeling of attraction. You know the one.” So maybe she made her voice a little breathier than usual. Sue her. His mouth parted, the exaggerated fullness of his lower lip apparent. “You have a tingly feeling?” She shook her head and raised a hand. Not touching his chest like she desperately wanted to but getting within millimeters. “That’s not the important part. Eventually you would convince me to go on a date.” “I’d take you to this great taco stand. I love tacos.” “Despite that, I’d probably let you take me out again. And again,” she said, not willing to acknowledge the way she wanted to nip at his lip with her teeth. He nodded. “I’m digging this relationship so far.” “Eventually, you’d ask me to move in. I’d say no. You’d pressure me, even though I wouldn’t be ready.” “What can I say? I wouldn’t want to spend a night away from you. No use paying for two apartments.” She shrugged, dropping her hand. “I’d cave, and we’d finally move in together—” “Do we get to hook up first? Don’t skip that part.” This time he moved forward. Not a lot, just a smidge. She stayed put. She refused to back up first. “Of course. It would be awful. Sorry Speed Racer, but I need more than three minutes of go-time.” “That’s not what you’d say after you screamed my name.” He leaned forward, the whisper of his words brushing against her ear. God, there wasn’t but a breath of space between them. She was all turned-on Heather, ready to throw her why-have-a-man-when-you-can-have-cookies resolve away. His breath smelled of cinnamon candy and coffee, turning her knees effectively to melted butter. No, she stopped herself. Back to the break-up at hand.

About Christina:

Christina Hovland lives her own version of a fairy tale—an artisan chocolatier by day and romance writer by night. Born in Colorado, Christina received a degree in journalism from Colorado State University. Before opening her chocolate company, Christina’s career spanned from the television newsroom to managing an award-winning public relations firm. She’s a recovering overachiever and perfectionist with a love of cupcakes and dinner she doesn’t have to cook herself. A 2017 Golden Heart® finalist, she lives in Colorado with her first-boyfriend-turned-husband, four children, and the sweetest dog around.

Connect with Christina:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

COVER REVEAL for The Southern Side of Paradise by Kristy Woodson Harvey

From internationally bestselling author and “rising star of Southern fiction” (Mary Alice Monroe, New York Times bestselling author) Kristy Woodson Harvey comes the third novel in her Peachtree Bluff series, in which a secret threatens the tight-knit bond between a trio of sisters and their mother.

With the man of her dreams back in her life and all three of her daughters happy, Ansley Murphy should be content. But she can’t help but feel like it’s all a little too good to be true.

Meanwhile, youngest daughter and actress Emerson, who is recently engaged and has just landed the role of a lifetime, seemingly has the world by the tail. Only, something she can’t quite put her finger on is worrying her—and it has nothing to do with her recent health scare.
When two new women arrive in Peachtree Bluff—one who has the potential to wreck Ansley’s happiness and one who could tear Emerson’s world apart—everything is put in perspective. And after secrets that were never meant to be told come to light, the powerful bond between the Murphy sisters and their mother comes crumbling down, testing their devotion to each other and forcing them to evaluate the meaning of family.

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Check out the rest of The Peachtree Bluff Series...