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RELEASE BLITZ for Raise Your Game by Cassia Leo

From New York Times bestselling author Cassia Leo comes a sexy, laugh-out-loud romantic comedy of epic proportions. RAISE YOUR GAME is LIVE and available on all platforms!

Title: RAISE YOUR GAME Author: Cassia Leo Release: November 12th


Logan Pierce, New York’s most notorious womanizer, has just offered me a raise and promotion…if I pretend to be his wife. But neither of us anticipate his brother’s attempts to sabotage our fake marriage. Now, Logan and I are a team, and it’s game on. This raise is going to cost me. From New York Times bestselling author Cassia Leo comes a sexy, laugh-out-loud romantic comedy of epic proportions.

Logan Pierce is our new CEO and he needs me as much as I need him. Logan has thirty days to save Close-Up magazine from bankruptcy. And he needs me to pretend to be his wife at a couples’ retreat, where Logan and I will attempt to snag an exclusive celebrity scoop that will revive our readership. If I can help him save Close-Up, he’ll inherit his father’s publishing empire and I’ll get promoted to editor, with a very healthy raise. Logan has thirty days to prove to his father that he’s not just a bad boy womanizer. And I have seven days to prove my investigative journalism skills to Logan at a couples’ retreat meant to revive the sex lives of dissatisfied married couples. This raise is going to cost me.


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About Cassia Leo

New York Times bestselling author Cassia Leo loves her coffee, chocolate, and margaritas with salt. When she's not writing, she spends way too much time re-watching Game of Thrones and Sex and the City. When she's not binge watching, she's usually enjoying the Oregon rain with a hot cup of coffee and a book. Find her on...

GUEST POST by Bea Davenport author of The Misper



 “I knew this girl, you see. No one thought she really mattered much, but that turned out to be a mistake. Because she blew a hole through my life – and the lives of everyone I knew.”

Anna’s found the perfect friend in Zoe: she’s cool, she’s smart, she’s goth, she’s gorgeous. If only geeky Kerry would stop hanging around and cramping their style. They’d like to get rid of her. But they should’ve been careful what they wished for...

The Misper is the story of obsessive adolescent friendships, jealousies and the consequences of your actions.

It’s that time of year – we’ve just had Halloween and the nights are darker and colder. Stories about ghosts, witchcraft and the supernatural are everywhere – there’s something strangely comforting about telling ourselves scary tales when we’re safe indoors on a gloomy winter’s evening.

My children’s novels have all featured some elements of magic, be it time travel (The Serpent House, 2014) or shape-shifting (My Cousin Faustina, 2015). But when I started writing my novel The Misper, it began as a story about three teenage girls and some intense friendships. It still is about those things. One of the girls – Kerry – isn’t quite part of the group. She’s awkward and uncool and the others just wish she’d disappear – until she does just that. But who was to blame?

Like many young girls, Anna and Zoe, each with their own troubles, turn to witchcraft to try to take some control of their lives. I didn’t start off with the intention of this happening – but these teenage characters were hard to control!

Young girls turning to witchcraft is certainly something that’s a topical subject. It’s all over Instagram and it’s a feature of many current novels and dramas. A piece in UK The Observer asks these questions about why young women are so fascinated by Wicca and the occult.

I don’t think it’s a new phenomenon. It’s a more visible trend, thanks to Insta, Snapchat and other social media. And it’s not surprising that a generation of writers who were brought up on the likes of Bewitched or even Sabrina are still keen to keep stirring the cauldron in their own writing.

In The Misper, at first, things seem to work well – Anna’s dad moves back home, Zoe finds a place of safety from her damaged family. But it’s not long before everything starts to go badly wrong.
The question I want to plant in the reader’s minds is – do Anna and Zoe really manage to create magic? Is the magic the reason why things take place – or is it all just a coincidence? When things get really scary, have the girls invoked something evil – or is it all in Anna’s head? And there’s a very real situation – a girl gone missing – at the heart of the novel.

You could read the story and come to either conclusion. I want the reader to decide – because stretching the imagination and asking yourself questions is one of the joys of reading. Close the blinds and curtains, turn up the heating and I hope you enjoy The Misper.

The Misper

 Paperback – 1 Mar 2018

by Bea Davenport 

'I knew this girl, you see. A sort of a friend. No one thought she really mattered much, but that turned out to be a mistake. Because she blew a hole through my life - and the lives of everyone I knew.' Anna's found the perfect friend in Zoe: she's cool, she's smart, she's goth, she's gorgeous, If only geeky Kerry would stop hanging around and cramping their style. They'd like to get rid of her. But they should be careful what they wish for...

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Meet the Author...

Bea Davenport is the writing name of former UK newspaper and BBC journalist Barbara Henderson. She writes crime novels for adults as well as books for children and teens.The Misper (The Conrad Press, 2018) is her fifth commercially published novel. She teaches journalism and creative writing. 


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PROMO POST of Cake:A Love Story by J. Bengtsson

Author: J. Bengtsson
Series: Cake #1
Original Release Date: May 14, 2016
Wide Release Date: October 30, 2018


-A reclusive rock star going through the motions-

Jake McKallister might have been a rock star, but he was no ordinary one. Surviving an unspeakable crime as a young teen had shaped him into a guarded workaholic, and he now lived his life trying to forget. If it hadn’t been for music and the redemption he found through it, he might not have survived. Career success came easily for him. Personal connections did not. 

-A vivacious college student embracing life-

When outspoken, vivacious college student Casey Caldwell was paired with the famously reserved rockstar for a friend’s wedding, she was prepared for the worst. What could they possibly have in common? She was a bubbly talker; he was a reclusive loner. His life was filled with music; she couldn’t carry a tune. She’d enjoyed a happy childhood; his was a well-publicized nightmare. 

-Their worlds are about to collide-

Yet despite their obvious differences, Jake and Casey found each other, and her light balanced out his darkness. Would their love be strong enough to survive the weight of his tragic past?

Apple Books: Coming Soon


A professional stay-at-home-mom for twenty-one years, Jill started her writing career in 2016 after reading a really bad rockstar romance. Although she had no previous writing experience and no desire to become and author, Jill was convinced she could write a better story.

And so began Cake: A Love Story. She wrote the novel for fun and added every single thing she’d ever wanted to read in a romance. Embarrassed by her newfound hobby, Jill kept her writing a secret from her family.

When the story was complete, she turned to Amazon to get the feedback she desired. Not thinking the book would ever sell, Jill planned to pull Cake off Amazon once it got a review or two but that never happened because, within a week of its release, Cake began to soar up the bestseller charts. Not only was Jill shocked by Cake’s success but now she had a whole new burgeoning career on her hands…and some explaining to do. Needless to say, the news of Jill’s secret book bay came as a complete shock to her husband and three children.

Jill is now a full-time writer.

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COVER REVEAL of Audiobook Repeat by Kylie Scott

From Audie Award winning, New York Times best-selling author Kylie Scott comes an irresistible new romance— available in audio first!
When a vicious attack leaves 25-year-old Clementine Johns with no memory, she’s forced to start over. Now she has figure out who she was and why she made the choices she did – which includes leaving the supposed love of her life, tattoo artist Ed Larsen, only a month before.
Ed can hardly believe it when his ex shows up at his tattoo parlor with no memory of their past, asking about the breakup that nearly destroyed him. The last thing he needs is more heartache, but he can’t seem to let her go again. Should they walk away for good, or does their love deserve a repeat performance?



Kylie is a New York Times and USA Today best-selling author. She was voted Australian Romance Writer of the year, 2013 & 2014, by the Australian Romance Writer’s Association and her books have been translated into eleven different languages. She is a long time fan of romance, rock music, and B-grade horror films. Based in Queensland, Australia with her two children and husband, she reads, writes and never dithers around on the internet.

You can learn more about Kylie from 

REVIEW & GIVEAWAY of Exclusive & A Touch of Heaven by Samantha Chase

“A fun, flirty, sweet story filled with romance and character growth and a perfect happily ever after.”—CARLY PHILLIPSNew York Times bestselling author for I'll Be There

When little-known writer Taylor Scott is granted two weeks to interview a famous reclusive author, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime. So is the chance to rekindle her friendship with Mike Greene, who happens to be the author’s assistant. But as feelings deepen and time winds down, Taylor will have to choose between the story that could launch her career and an unexpected chance at love.

A Touch of Heaven
As Regan Amerson makes the emotional decision to sell their family home, her mother wins a home makeover from a reality TV show. Regan is furious, and jaded host Sawyer Bennett isn’t thrilled either. That is, until he meets Regan—and finds himself enamored by the fiercely independent beauty. She may want nothing to do with him, but Sawyer isn’t one to give up easily…

What People Are Saying about Samantha Chase:
“Encourages readers to sit down, put their feet up, and enjoy.”—Publishers Weekly for Until There Was Us
“Chase just gets better and better.”—Booklist
“Classic, thoughtful, and as lyrical as the stars.”—Kirkus Reviews for A Sky Full of Stars

My Thoughts…

Samantha Chase is a go-to author for me.   I know that when I pick up her book I’ll lose myself in her words, find a setting that I can’t wait to visit and hate to have to leave, meet characters that I want to make friends with, and read a story that I can’t put down.     This book was a bonus for me.   Two stories in one magnificent book.    As I finished each one I thought oh, yes this one will be my favorite.    Exclusive was a great once upon a time friends to lovers story while A Touch of Heaven is a look at how life changes can open up new adventures and bring a new love to your life.    

Exclusive is the first story in the book and it is perfect.    A once bad boy now has turned his life around and has never forgotten a girl from his past.    The twists and turns of Mike and his illusive boss were not as much of a surprise to me as how deep Mike’s feelings were for Taylor after all these years.     I could see how this story would come together and loved watching both Mike and Taylor come to grips on their feelings, their lives, and their priorities while making decisions that affected their careers, their hearts, and each other.

A Touch of Heaven is a story showing how Regan is struggling with her mother’s decision to remodel and sell her childhood home.    While the mother takes Regan’s concerns into her thoughts while making decisions I liked that the mother did what she knew was right but didn’t push Regan’s concerns away.    She addressed them, gave them the weight they deserved, and explained her reasoning as to why she had to continue on the path she did.    The contractors who did the job were perfect.   Cute, fun, and professional as they took a family home and showed the ladies the potential it held.  

This is a great two story book.   I liked that they were both stand alone books.    

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As much as Sawyer hated to admit it, the house had potential. He knew he should pass on the job; there wasn’t a challenge here construction-wise. It was structurally sound, and other than being outdated, the project would be a no-brainer.

It was a shame, because now, standing in the master bedroom, Sawyer had all kinds of ideas how he could renovate the space and turn the room into the sort of retreat a couple would love. Taking out his tape measure, he let himself get caught up in the design in his head. “Change the lighting,” he muttered as he typed notes into his tablet, “add a ceiling fan and crown molding”—more typing—“rip up the carpet and replace with hardwoods”—type, type, type—“put a king-size bed in here because what couple wouldn’t enjoy a king-size bed?”

“My parents didn’t, actually,” a voice said from behind him. Sawyer turned and nearly forgot how to breathe. She was stunning and sexy and clearly mad as hell at him for being there, judging by her defiant stance in the doorway.

“You must be Regan,” he said when he was able to find his voice. Walking toward her, Sawyer extended his hand in greeting. When she met him halfway and placed her hand in his, he felt as if he’d gotten an electric shock. Meeting Regan’s eyes, he was pleased to see he wasn’t the only one.

“So,” she began and Sawyer heard her voice tremble, “you seem to have a lot of ideas for this room.”

Sawyer still hadn’t let go of her hand. He nodded.

And that’s when he saw it.

The T-shirt.

The bedazzled words emblazoned across Regan’s ample breasts mesmerized him. A Touch of Heaven, he read and actually felt the sweat breaking out on his temple. His gaze lingered more than was appropriate and when he finally forced his eyes away, they met a very angry pair of brown ones.

“The room, right,” he stammered and released Regan’s hand. “I was thinking with the high ceilings, it’s a shame crown molding was never installed. The lighting fixtures are outdated and a ceiling fan would work wonders. The French doors leading out to the yard could use a good rehab, as well as adding blinds for privacy.”

It hit him in that moment that he was nervous—and not just because she had caught him blatantly staring at her breasts. For some reason Sawyer felt that it was vitally important for Regan to see his vision and to win her over. Never before had the urge to get a client’s approval hit him so hard. It was quite disconcerting.

“That’s all fine and well,” she said, interrupting his thoughts, “but I don’t want this room touched.”
He turned and looked at her with disbelief. “Excuse me?”

“I’m sure my mother has already shared with you that I am against this project. If there was any way not to sell this house, I would do it. This is where I grew up; I have a lifetime of memories here, and changing all this around before we go is not something I’m happy about.”

Sawyer crossed his arms over his chest and studied her until Regan started to squirm. Finally, he said, “If we take on this project, I won’t be doing a lot of structural changes—if any. But you have to admit there is plenty here that’s outdated and in need of renovation.”

“Oh, I’m not denying it, Sawyer,” she said, her voice sounding a little breathless and a whole lot sexy. “But the fact remains that I don’t see why I have to make this house over for someone else to enjoy. I agree some paint is needed in the kitchen and the hall bathroom, but that was all I was willing to commit to. So, I think you can see this project is really a waste of your time.”

It was exactly what he wanted to hear—all the excuse he needed to get him the hell out of here. Yet now that Regan had said it, it was the last thing Sawyer wanted. Leaving here would mean not getting to know her and he knew right then, without a doubt, that Regan Amerson was someone he definitely wanted to get to know. It had been a long time since he’d wanted to get to know a woman, but something about this pint-sized beauty with wavy brown hair and angry brown eyes made everything in him want to know her. From the tips of her pink painted toes on up, she was like a present he wanted to unwrap.

In that king-size bed he imagined in here earlier.


The smart thing to do would be to thank her for her time, collect his father, and leave—cut their losses and run. But suddenly that was the furthest thing from his mind. Honestly, now that he’d gotten a glimpse of Regan, Sawyer knew he’d need to find a way to drag out the three weeks he’d anticipated the job taking so he’d have more time to win her over.

And there was no doubt he’d have to win Regan over. Between the issues she was having with her mother over selling the house and the fact that he was going to be the guy doing the work on the house, he was going to be persona non grata with her. Well, Sawyer could certainly be charming when he needed to be—and he needed to be right now.

“Why don’t you let me present to you and your mother what I have planned for the house before you make a decision?” he suggested.

“I really don’t think—” she began, but Sawyer brazenly placed a finger over her lips to silence her. They both stared wide-eyed at one another at the charged contact.

“Promise me,” he said softly, “that you’ll at least let me make my presentation to you before you say no. Your mother is very excited about this project and I know we can do everything that needs to be done here and please you at the same time.”

If that wasn’t a loaded statement, he didn’t know what was.

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COVER REVEAL of Birthday Suit by Lauren Blakely


Temptation never tasted so good…

And it’s back in my life in an unexpected way.

BIRTHDAY SUIT, a brand new standalone forbidden romance from #1 New York Times bestselling author Lauren Blakely, will be releasing on January 18, 2019 on all retailers! Don’t miss the fantastic cover below, and pre-order your copy today!


Photography by Wander Aguiar. Cover Design by Helen Williams.

About BIRTHDAY SUIT (Coming 1/18/2019):

She’s the ultimate off-limits woman...

There are only three rules in life you should truly follow to the letter.

One: Always make time to help a buddy.

Two: Definitely turn down that last tequila shot.

And three: Absolutely, no matter how beautiful, smart, clever and witty she is, do not--under any circumstances--fall in love with your best friend’s woman.


Seems I missed following that last one. And the trouble is, she just walked back into my life in a big way….

Pass the tequila.


There are three things I've never been able to resist -- my friends, my family, and chocolate. Leo Hennessy? He was nowhere on that list. He's been a friend and only that. A friend who walked through hell and back with me.

Now, I'm stepping into my new future, and I didn't expect it to include a riddle-filled, race-against-the-clock scavenger hunt across New York City.

With Leo.

Suddenly, I'm looking at this man with new eyes...

But I can't risk a temptation as I start over and Leo is most definitely a temptation of the sexiest, sweetest, and most dangerous variety.

More delicious than chocolate...


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Check out TOMORROW and find out our BIRTHDAY SUIT secret!

  About Lauren Blakely: A #1 New York Times Bestselling author, and #1 Wall Street Journal Bestselling author, Lauren Blakely is known for her contemporary romance style that's hot, sweet and sexy. She lives in California with her family and has plotted entire novels while walking her dogs. With fourteen New York Times bestsellers, her titles have appeared on the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestseller Lists more than 100 times, and she's sold more than 2.5 million books. In December she'll release UNZIPPED, a fun & sexy romantic comedy. To receive an email when Lauren releases a new book, sign up for her newsletter!

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REVIEW & GIVEAWAY of Wicked Whiskey Love by Melissa Foster

Wicked Whiskey Love: Sexy Standalone Romance by [Foster, Melissa]

A new, emotionally riveting, sexy standalone romance by New York Times bestselling author Melissa Foster. 

Fall in love with Bones Whiskey in WICKED WHISKEY LOVE, an emotionally riveting, sexy new standalone romance by New York Times bestselling author Melissa Foster. A magnificent love story for those who enjoy fiercely loyal and insanely sexy alpha heroes, smart, sassy heroines, families, bikers, babies, and more!

After escaping abusive parents and, later, an abusive relationship, Sarah Beckley has spent a lifetime watching snakes shed their skin. With two small children to care for and another on the way, she's finally found a home in Peaceful Harbor with the brother she hasn't seen in more than a decade. She's still searching for her sister, but life is good. If only she could stop thinking about the sinfully sexy doctor/biker who has taken to her children like a loving uncle--and to her like a hungry man.

Trust doesn't come easily for Sarah, but Bones Whiskey is patient and protective, amazing with her children, and he looks at her like she is the only woman he could ever want--and more. With two little ones underfoot, Sarah expects him to move on quickly, yet with every tender kiss and each trying moment with the children, Bones surprises her. But will the fiercely loyal biker stick around when Sarah's worst secret is revealed, or will he shed his skin, too?

**CONTENT WARNING: Due to mature content, recommended for readers aged 18+**

My Thoughts...

Bones and Sarah…how much more perfect can a couple be?    Sarah has “baggage” and I cringed when she called her life this but I can see how she thinks that.   Every person has baggage it is what makes them who they are.   Bones makes it his personal quest to prove this to Sarah while proving that he can be trusted with her baggage, her children, and her heart.  

Bones, sigh.   An oncologist who is part of a motorcycle club with a big bad alpha brothers backing him up yet he is the sweetest, most romantic, and most loving man in the Whiskey family.    I love how he connected with the kids while respecting Sarah’s need for control of her family.    He talked to Sarah’s brother before taking their friendship farther so that he had his okay to move forward.    He took her out on dates, took her to his bed, and then took her home so she could be there when the children woke in the morning.     The thoughtfulness, the respect, and the love in Bones is so strong, so pure, and so beautiful that Sarah didn’t stand a chance.    

Wicked Whiskey Love is Bones and Sarah’s story yet a lot of the book was a Whiskey Family story.    Bullet, Bear, Tru, Bigg all are Whiskey’s and they are a prominent part of the story.   Their spouses, their families, and their love all make up the life that Sarah and Bones are desperate to start.    I loved catching up with the rest of the family and seeing how their worlds have righted since they met their forever loves.  

Each book can be read as a standalone story but read together they are so much better.    The reader will have a better understanding of the relationships of the brothers, the feel of family of the honorary brothers/sisters, and the love that is the Whiskey Family.     My recommendation is to pick up a Whiskey book, meet the wonderful characters and then continue reading the rest of the series.  

Available to buy from ...

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For more hot Whiskey love, check out Melissa's other Whiskey novels.
MAD ABOUT MOON (Releasing April 2019)
And don't miss RIVER OF LOVE, the first story in which the Whiskeys were introduced!

"Melissa Foster is synonymous with sexy, swoony, heartfelt romance!"New York Times Bestseller Lauren Blakely

"You can always rely on Melissa Foster to deliver a story that's fresh, emotional and entertaining. Make sure you have all night, because once you start you won't want to stop reading. Every book's a winner!" NYT Bestselling Author Brenda Novak

"Melissa Foster writes worlds that draw you in, with strong heroes and brave heroines surrounded by a community that makes you want to crawl right on through the page and live there." - New York Times bestselling author Julia Kent

Tru Blue (Sexy standalone romance) by [Foster, Melissa]
In Tru Blue…
There's nothing Truman Gritt won't do to protect his family--Including spending years in jail for a crime he didn't commit. When he's finally released, the life he knew is turned upside down by his mother's overdose, and Truman steps in to raise the children she's left behind. Truman's hard, he's secretive, and he's trying to save a brother who's even more broken than he is. He's never needed help in his life, and when beautiful Gemma Wright tries to step in, he's less than accepting. But Gemma has a way of slithering into people's lives and eventually she pierces through his ironclad heart. When Truman's dark past collides with his future, his loyalties will be tested, and he'll be faced with his toughest decision yet.

**CONTENT WARNING: Due to mature content, recommended for readers aged 18+**

Available to buy from ...
Eight months is a long damn time to have the hots for a woman who keeps a guy at arm’s length. But Crystal Moon is no ordinary woman. She’s a sinfully sexy, sass-mouthed badass, and the subject of Bear Whiskey’s midnight fantasies. She’s also one of his closest friends. 

Just when Crystal thinks she has her life under control, scorching-hot, possessive, aggressive, and fiercely loyal Bear pushes all her sexual buttons, relentless in his pursuit to make her his.

The more Bear pushes, the hotter their passion burns, unearthing memories for Crystal that are best kept buried. But there’s no stopping the collision of her past and present, catapulting the two lovers down an emotionally charged road that has them questioning all they thought they knew about themselves.

**CONTENT WARNING: Due to mature content, recommended for readers aged 18+**
Available to buy from ...

Driving Whiskey Wild (A Sexy Standalone Romance): Bullet Whiskey by [Foster, Melissa]In Driving Whiskey Wild...
Special Forces veteran and Dark Knights Motorcycle Club member Bullet Whiskey lives to protect his family, their bar, and the residents of his small hometown. He’s rough, unapologetic, and haunted by a secret, painful past. He’s also a master at keeping people away, and when his sister hires gorgeous and sweet Finlay Wilson to help expand their biker bar, he knows just how to get rid of her.

After losing her boyfriend and her father, Finlay moves back to her hometown to be closer to the little family she has left. She needs her temporary job at Whiskey Bro’s to get her catering business off the ground, and she’s determined not to let the gruff, arrogant mountain of a man Bullet Whiskey scare her off.

Finlay is everything Bullet has never wanted. She’s afraid of his dog, afraid of motorcycles, and sweet enough to give him cavities, but as she weaves her way into the hearts of everyone around him, he’s powerless to resist her charms. Passion ignites, but trust doesn’t come easily, and when their pasts collide, Bullet finds out the true meaning of protecting those he loves.

**CONTENT WARNING: Due to mature content, recommended for readers aged 18+**

Available to buy from...

About the author

Melissa Foster is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling and award-winning author. She writes sexy and heartwarming contemporary romance, new adult romance and women's fiction with emotionally compelling characters that stay with you long after you turn the last page. Readers adore Melissa's fun, flirty, and sinfully sexy, award-winning big-family romance collection, LOVE IN BLOOM featuring the Snow Sisters, Bradens, Remingtons, Ryders, Seaside Summer, Harborside Nights, Wild Boys and Bad Boys After Dark, and the Montgomerys. Melissa's emotional journeys are lovingly erotic and always family oriented-- perfect beach reads for contemporary romance lovers who enjoy reading about loyal, wealthy heroes and smart, sassy heroines with complex and relatable issues.

Melissa also writes sweet and clean romance under the pen name Addison Cole.

Melissa has painted and donated several murals to The Hospital for Sick Children in Washington, DC. Her interests include her family, reading, writing, painting, friends, helping others see the positive side of life, and visiting Cape Cod.

Melissa is available to chat with book clubs and welcomes comments and emails from her readers. Visit Melissa on Facebook or her personal website.

Never miss a brand new release, special promotions or inside gossip again by simply signing up to receive your newsletter from Melissa.

Find Melissa on the following sites....

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